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Centralize master data management for merchandising to improve productivity with real-time insight.

Gain customer insight and generate marketing insight based on consumer activities across channels.

Analyze, compare, and improve merchandise category performance across various KPIs and channels.

Gain unprecedented insight with centralized, real-time, and contextual profiles of customers and prospects.

Enhance customer experiences by creating target audiences and personalized recommendations and initiatives.

Optimize marketing with real-time customer insights and performance measurement and management.

Merchandise and Assortment Planning

Perform highly collaborative merchandise and assortment planning with best-practice planning tools and next-generation technologies from SAP. By providing a unified retail planning and analytics platform, our software allows you to simplify and streamline the planning process to maximize sales and margins, while reducing the time to plan.
increased conversion rate.

SAP Merchandise Planning for Retail and SAP Assortment Planning for Retail

SAP Merchandise Planning for Retail

SAP Assortment Planning for Retail

Definefinancial targets and build merchandise plans across channels and producthierarchy levels with SAP software that helps you design planning simulationsacross flexible time horizons and product dimensions and dynamically manageKPIs.

Customizeassortments by channel to appeal to customer preferences, maximize profits, andminimize inventory and markdowns by clustering selling locations and designingthe optimal product mix based on consumer insights and sales behavior.

Groupand cluster locations together in real time to simplify planning and bettertarget customers.

Createfast, reliable financial plans for channels, comparable and non-comparablestores, and new stores.

Achieveyour corporate goals more effectively using next-generation merchandiseplanning processes.

Planand optimize sales and margins through localized product assortments andpredictive analytics.

Growrevenue by increasing process flexibility and offering the right products inthe right locations.

Planstore layouts and integrate store layouts with space management systems tooptimize your space.

Omnichannel Marketing

Deploy marketing strategies that promote your brand across all channels. Our omnichannel marketing software can help you increase your scale and appeal through targeted and contextual campaigns, and gain transparency and access to real-time data to make informed decisions and devise winning marketing strategies.
increase in in-store sales with the SAP Commerce Cloud solution.

Praktiker case study

Pepper's Story

Posted on by remporta

This blog is dedicated to Pepper. And to those of you who have opened your heart to a cat with FIV, the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.

I am not a veterinarian, nor a vet technician. I am not a specialist of any kind, and I cannot give expert advise. All I know iswhat I’ve learned from caring for Pepper, through my research, by consulting with a homeopath,through the care of his terrific vet, as well astrial and error. And that’s what I’d like to share with you,those of you who are caring fora FIV infected cat. My hope is that Pepper’s story and what I’ve researched will help shed some light.

When I adopted Pepper, I knew nothing about FIV. I didn’t even know it existed! Having two cats of my own, of course, I hesitated allowing Pepper into our family… So I began researching, and researching, and talking to organisations who deal with FIV infected cats, and I began separating fact from fiction.

Most surprising to me was the outlook most veterinarians have;Idiscovered how very fewknowabout FIVspecific treatment options,anddifferent measures to maintain good health for these cats.I was astounded, anddiscouraged. There isa generalstigma surrounding FIV.Most vets I spoke withview FIVas a death sentence, and so what’s the point? May as well just put him down. It’s the merciful thing to do…

Well, that’s not quite so. Depending on the symptoms your FIV infected cat has, and to what degree, this disease can be very manageable, and your cat can live a healthy, and happy LONG life!

Feeling defeated quickly turned into defiance! Pepper and I weren’tgoing down that easy… I did my research, documented it, and I sought out a veterinarian with genuine interest inexploring FIVcare, (I actually provided them with a printed copyof my research). Along the way I was referred to a homeopath/pharmacist who was happy to get on board too! And together we began our journey to provide Pepper with the best practical care we could give him.

I learned that FIVresemblesHIV. Similardrugs, cocktailsthattreat HIV can alsotreat FIVapparently, but it’s notwidely available.

I also learned that FIVcannot be transmitted to other animals or humans, only between cats.Itinfectsmostly the males, because stray male cats fight! They fight for food, for territory, and for females to mate with.FIVis transmitted by a deep bite, into the bloodstream. Very rarelycan itbe transmitted by a scratch. And so FIVis more common among feral male cats. It cannot be transmitted by sharing the litter, or food. So if your FIV cat gets along well with other cats in your household, the danger is pretty much non-existent.

Pepper became the adoring,protective big brother to ‘my girls’, Kiki and Mia. My girls have not been infected. They played together, slept together, shared the litter, as well as the water and food bowls.

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