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So, I thought it might be a good idea to have thread with what we're listening to at the moment.

Also, just in case you guys don't use it, I'd like to recommend Pocket Casts.  There's an android, Apple and web app.  It's $9 for a lifetime licence, but the free version is great too.  Has loads of decent features like being able to resume where you left off on multiple devices, playback speed, trim silence, volume boost etc, loads more.

Anyway here my list:

S-Town - Just finished this one yesterday.  Awesome story about a disgruntled genius living in rural Alabama who contacts the host to investigate a murder that happened in his town.  Lots of twists, really engaging and very well made.

Heavyweight - The host facilitates reunions, difficult conversations, people who hasn't spoken for years etc.  Really interesting stories and discussions around the themes involved.

Note to Self - Great Podcast that looks at the human side of technology.  Really interesting ideas and guests.  May make you want to withdraw and live in a cave.

This American Life - The Podcast that reignited my love for Podcasts since the Ricky Gervais ones finished.  Each week they choose a theme and present a few different stories on that theme.  Probably my absolute favourite Podcast.. sometimes deep, always interesting.

Can anyone recommend anything different?
I'm looking for anything educational, FYI.

Been listening to "the Art of Charm" a bit lately. There's like 10yrs of it, and the early stuff is douchey bros talking about how to pick up women basically. Lots of cringe. But in more recent years there's been a lot more practical stuff like how to win people over in social situations, how to talk to people, how to increase your confidence etc.

I'm new to podcasts so will check out that app dani cheers. Spotify is a bit hit and miss for podcasts; it's a bit clunky.
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